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    What is an online streaming video?

    An online streaming video can be watched over the Internet after logging in to your customer account. Your purchased online streaming videos will be kept in your online library.

    How do I watch an online streaming video?

    You can access your online streaming videos by logging in to your customer account and clicking on My Account. Above your order history you will see a blue button that says MY STREAMING VIDEOS.

    All of your streaming video purchases will be kept in your personal online library and can be accessed by clicking on MY STREAMING VIDEOS.

    Can I watch a streaming video more than once?

    Yes! There is no limit to watching streaming videos and you can watch them as many times as you want.

    Does my access to online streaming videos expire after a certain amount of time?

    Access to streaming videos will not expire. You can watch them any time by logging in to your customer account.

    Streaming Video Captions and Playback

    All of Bonnie’s streaming videos have English captions. To turn on the captions in your streaming video, click on the CC in the lower right corner of the video and choose English CC. (CC stands for Choose Captions).

    If you are experiencing choppy video or slow playback, it may mean that your Internet connection is slow. You can adjust the quality of the video playback by clicking on the wheel icon next to the CC in the lower right corner of the video and choose a lower resolution, which requires less bandwidth and may help in the playback quality.  

    Is there an option to download videos?

    There is no option to download videos. They are available for purchase as either DVDs or online streaming.

    What kind of exercise ball does Bonnie use in her videos?

    The size of the blue ball Bonnie sits on in class is 85 cm. She sometimes sits on a red ball, which is 75 cm. She is 5' 4" (162 cm) tall. She does not have a specific brand recommendation. A ball is not necessary for class, but can be fun!.

    Where can I purchase a Trax Ball that Bonnie uses in her videos?

    Bonnie uses Trax Balls for some explorations in her online courses. You can use any small balls that have a way to adjust how much air is in them so that they have resilience and rebound. Trax Balls are not available and the company that manufactured them went out of business.


    You’ll receive your eBook in an EPUB format and will need an eBook reader to access your book. There are many free programs and apps for your phone, tablet, and computer.

    A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to download your eBook. Please save your confirmation email as you will need it if you need to download your eBook again.

    All eBooks must be downloaded within 10 days of purchase. We understand that Internet connections, misbehaving computers, and other technical issues can sometimes get in the way, so we've given you 5 downloads just in case something goes wrong.

    Bonnie’s eBooks are protected by the same copyright as her print books. They may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Please do not share Bonnie’s eBook purchased by you by forwarding or sending it to someone else, or use it for any commercial purpose. This includes sharing the file with a friend or colleague.

    Proceeds go towards creating new books and videos. Thank you for respecting Bonnie’s work and her copyright.

    What are Slightly Imperfect Paperback books?

    Slightly Imperfect paperback books are books that have a little cosmetic damage (bent cover, dented corners, etc.) adding character to them. They are perfectly readable and are offered at a discount.

    Inventory is limited. If we have Slightly Imperfect paperback books in stock, they will be listed as a format option.

    What are Imperfect Paperback books?

    Imperfect paperback books have moderate cosmetic damage, such as a bent cover, dented corners, and cracked binding. They are perfectly readable and are offered at a discount.

    Inventory is limited. If we have Imperfect paperback books in stock, they will be listed as a format option.

    I am located outside the United States. Will the DVDs play in my DVD player?

    Yes. The DVDs are not country specific. They are formatted to play in DVD players worldwide.

    Will I need to pay Import Taxes if I'm outside the United States?

    Import taxes and customs regulations vary by country. If your order is being shipped outside the United States, please check your local regulations to see if you will be required to pay any import duties when your order arrives. Customs charges, fees, and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

    I ordered a physical product. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    Order are sent through the United States Postal System. The length of time it will take for you to receive your order depends on the country it is being sent to and the mail class you select. You can visit the United States Postal System website for information about domestic delivery and international delivery.

    What kind of payments do you accept?

    We accept payment through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. To pay by check (for US customers only), you can either place your order over the phone or through email.

    What is your return policy?

    You can find information on our return policy here.

    Does Bonnie see private clients?

    Bonnie is not currently seeing private clients. There are hundreds of Body-Mind Centering® professionals around the world. To locate one, please visit the Body-Mind Centering® Association website.

    Where can I find more information about Bonnie’s upcoming courses and series of classes?

    You can find Bonnie’s upcoming courses and series of classes here. If an event is listed as hosted by a sponsoring organization, please contact the hosting organization directly for more information about the event and to register.

    Does taking an online (live or recorded) or in-person course or series of classes with Bonnie count as credit towards completing a School for Body-Mind Centering® Program?

    Bonnie's online (live or recorded) and in-person courses and series of classes do not count towards credit in School for Body-Mind Centering® programs. For more information about School for Body-Mind Centering® Programs, visit: www.bodymindcentering.com.

    Where can I find more information about Body-Mind Centering® Programs and courses?

    Approved School for Body-Mind Centering® Programs and Immersion Series are offered by Licensed Organizations using the curriculum and written materials developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Graduates of programs receive a certificate from the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

    You can find more information about School for Body-Mind Centering® Programs, Immersion Series, and courses at www.bodymindcentering.com. For further information on specific Programs, Immersion Series, and courses, please contact one of the Licensed Organization listed here

    How do I find professionals offering Body-Mind Centering® services?

    To locate a professional offering Body-Mind Centering® services, please visit the Body-Mind Centering® Association website.

    The Body-Mind Centering® Association, Inc. (BMCA) is an international membership organization for those who practice or are interested in Body-Mind Centering®. BMCA also oversees standards of practice for professional members and maintains a database of program graduates authorized to offer Body-Mind Centering® classes or sessions. People authorized to use the name Body-Mind Centering® must be a graduate of an approved School for Body-Mind Centering® Program and be a Professional Member of BMCA.

    Use of Service Marks

    The names Body-Mind Centering®, BMC®, and the logo,Body-Mind Centering® logo image are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and their use has certain restrictions. They may only be used by someone who meets both of the following requirements:

    • is a graduate of an approved School for Body-Mind Centering® program
    • and is a Professional Member in good standing of the Body-Mind Centering® Association

    These service marks are important in maintaining our standards of education and practice. Proper use enables us to protect the unique identity of our work and help us to achieve the important goals of protecting clients from untrained and unauthorized practitioners and building the reputation of our work.

    Thank you for respecting these service marks.