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    Embodied Anatomy Videos

    The Body-Mind Centering® approach to Embodied Anatomy is a deep, internal study of the body in which movement and consciousness are explored through the direct experience of our own body systems, tissues and cells.

    The principles of Embodied Anatomy can be applied to any type of movement, bodywork, therapy, or other body-mind discipline. Filmed at workshops with Bonnie, these videos are a great way to immerse yourself in an aspect of Bonnie’s work and get a new perspective on movement, the body, and the mind.

    Bonnie's Embodied Anatomy courses are wonderful resources to continue and deepen your study and practice in the comfort of your own home or studio. They can also be a great support for teaching as a review for yourself or to share in your classes or with your clients, friends, and family.

    All of Bonnie's Embodied Anatomy courses were filmed during three to six day workshops and have been edited down to the heart of the material. Each course focuses on one body system and all include teaching on our embryological development. Bonnie guides participants through personal explorations, hands-on work, somatizations, the philosophy of embodiment, and more.

    Each course is between 4 and 10 hours long and organized into chapters so material is easy to follow and to come back to. All courses include access to downloadable PDFs with the illustrations Bonnie showed in the video.

    Because the courses are of her teaching during class, they are also a great way to experience and review her workshops as many times as you'd like for a fraction of the price of a workshop.

    Interested in the Embodied Anatomy courses? Learn how to get the most from them by reading our Guidelines for Using the Embodied Anatomy Videos.