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    Here's what people are saying about Bonnie's videos and book:

    "I think the videos are a great tool to convey the work of Body-Mind Centering® to those who seek understanding of what embodiment means and how each of us can apply it in our own work and life. 

    I teach Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) within a 3-year training program for movement educators. The students respond with curiosity to the BMC® approach and apply it to dance, yoga and Pilates within their training program as well to their own teaching in different fields. 

    When I present Bonnie's videos in class, the feedback from students is very positive. They relate easily to the teaching situation in the videos because it gives them an idea about how Bonnie presents the material and how the mind in her teaching leads to the embodiment of the material. It lets them understand the depth and application of BMC® better. 

    Even though my students have heard about Bonnie and Body-Mind Centering®, experiencing the direct transmission of her teaching through the videos really brings the work alive and touches them deeply."

    Jeanette Engler
    Body-Mind Centering® Teacher and Practitioner, Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), Craniosacral Therapist, Osteopath C.O., Practitioner Somatic Experiencing®
    Zurich, Switzerland

    "I received three DVDs this past week, and what a blessing they are! Bonnie's deep and ongoing research and practice is in evidence on the videos. There is such clarity to the material, absurdness in the presentation, and deep, practical application to one's practice. 

    I started in the BMC® yoga program in 2001 and have been practicing yoga since 1973 and teaching full time since 1994. To witness the embryology and development of this incredible program has been a great delight and extremely interesting. 

    It's been very difficult not to come regularly to Bonnie's California workshops as I used to come regularly to those NYC. The videos bridge that gap. What a gift to me and the world." 

    Elaine Wintman
    Body-Mind Centering
    ® Teacher and Practitioner, graduate of the BMC® Embodied Anatomy and Yoga program
    Salem, Massachusetts

    "What I love most about Bonnie's Embodied Anatomy videos is an intimate deepening in my personal study of being human, exploring my learning process and remembering my Body-Mind Centering® family. I also find them extremely useful in class preparation.

    The video angle of the videos is different than my class experience was, offering new insights into the material. In a class, Bonnie is often asked to repeat a movement or statement which she may or may not do. With her videos, I can go back to watch and listen as many times as I want. I remember not having a clue at some of Bonnie’s class demonstrations. Reviewing this information thought the videos, I am now understanding what was being done. It is a gift to be able to study with her in the comfort of my own home.

    I have even used watching a video with popcorn to ease a hard time and get grounded.

    I have several copies of the book Sensing, Feeling, and Action and I have used them as workbooks. The index in the 3rd edition is a delight! Descriptions of BMC® history, anatomy and developmental movement come alive for investigation. This book is a resource rich in detail for continuing and sharing the life process of embodiment explorations."

    Graduate of the Body-Mind Centering
    ® Somatic Movement Educator, Embodied Anatomy and Yoga, and Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga programs, Licensed Massage Therapist
    Phoenix, Arizona