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    Join Bonnie and 70 Body-Mind Centering® Association Professionals offering research, exploration, and creativity in this online symposium!

    Bonnie is the feature presenter and is offering a session on Researching the Fourth Phase of Water through Embodied Movement and Consciousness.

    Bonnie will share insights and principles drawn from her 50 years of pioneering work in an embodied approach to anatomy, developmental movement, embryological development, and psychophysical integration. In each class, cellular consciousness guides our explorations.

    Registration includes real-time participation in 60 live symposium events as well as access to streaming, downloadable recordings until August 30.

    PLEASE NOTE: This event is offered by BMCA, a separate organization from us. Please email BMCA directly with any questions at Events@bmcassociation.org

    May 13 – 18, 2021


    General: $125
    Professional, Friend, and Associate BMCA Members: $75
    Student BMCA Members: $55
    Scholarships are available