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    PREREQUISITE: Embodying Our Muscles Part 1 - 2022 Winter Series.
    Because the subject matter of Embodying Our Muscles Part 2 (2022 Spring Series) is built on principles explored in Embodying Our Muscles Part 1 (2022 Winter series), registration for Part 2 is only open to people who have also registered for Part 1.

    In exploring muscles in the 2022 Winter Series (Embodying Our Muscles Part 1 – Building Vitality, Strength, Flexibility, Flow, and Ease), we learned that there is so much more to muscles than resistive exercises and stretching.

    Through finding our postural tone, condensing and expanding our muscles, engaging distal and proximal movements, distinguishing essentials and complements, balancing coupling in rotary movement, feeling the sequencing of muscle currenting, and embodying our proprioceptors, we opened the door to possibilities of greater vitality, strength, flexibility, flow, and ease through our muscles in both stillness and movement.

    Part 1 (2022 Winter Series) offered a dynamic, new perspective on how to embody our muscles. Part 2 (Bonnie’s 2022 Spring Series) continues with this groundbreaking approach, bringing in many new principles to explore and integrate with the previous material.

    Building on the material from Part 1, the advanced principles in Part 2 will help you:

    • change the way you think about and engage with your muscles
    • gain a subtler and more specific understanding of how muscles function in embodied integrated movement
    • learn how to apply principles to the iliopsoas complex and specific muscles of the knee and elbow
    • embody and integrate more deeply the material presented in the 2022 Winter Series

    Material will be drawn from:

    • Paired essentials and paired complements: how paired A-muscles and B-muscles engage the fascia into a whole-body movement with spatial intent
    • 4 stages of a muscle action: how sequencing of A-muscles and B-muscles integrates movements in opposite directions into a single action and increases the range of motion in both directions
    • 8 functions of a muscle: how, in efficient movement, every muscle has the potential of serving eight different roles or functions, regardless of their specific action.
    • Spatial aspects of movement: how physically engaging 3-dimensional space integrates the muscle/fascial matrix
    • Proprioceptors of the muscles and tendons: how intrafusal muscle fibers (nuclear bags and nuclear chains) and Golgi tendon organs calibrate and guide the strength, length, and quality of a muscle contraction and integrate with the fascial matrix
    • Application of principles to some specific muscles: iliopsoas complex and specific muscles of the knee and elbow
    • Embryological development of muscles and tendons: embodying the process that created our muscular and tendon structures illuminates how tendons direct the action of muscles
    • Deepening the embodiment of principles and practices from the Winter 2022 Series

    Because the subject matter of Part 2 (2022 Spring Series) is built on principles explored in Part 1 (2022 Winter Series), registration for Part 2 is only open to people who have also registered for Part 1 (2022 Winter Series). If you have not taken Part 1 yet, you can register for it at the same time as you register for Part 2.

    Participants in Part 2 should have some familiarity with postural tone, concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions, condensing and expanding, distal and proximal movements, essentials and complements, muscle coupling, muscle currenting, and role of muscle and tendon proprioceptors.

    We invite you to join Bonnie for this exciting, continuing journey into embodying muscles and discovering movement that is easy, fluid, flexible, powerful, and fun!

    Bonnie will share insights and principles drawn from her 50 years of pioneering work in an embodied approach to anatomy, developmental movement, embryological development, and psychophysical integration. In each class, cellular consciousness guides our explorations.


    • 8 live classes
    • Unlimited access to the class recordings, even after the Series is over
    • Class materials
    • Access to study groups

    Bonnie may return to the same material in some classes and present it again from different perspectives. The specific principles explored in each class can be helpful, even life changing, in themselves, but the essence that Bonnie would like to transmit is that there is a way to learn, a way to access your body and mind, a way to relate to yourself and others that emerges from the deeply rooted knowing of your cells.

    This essence is not a one-time exposure to a piece of information – it is a practice in a way of perceiving through which you learn from your own cellular experience. Exploring the material in between classes is an important way to continue your practice and deepen your embodiment and understanding.

    Classes will be recorded and made available through online streaming. All class recordings will be available to participants indefinitely. They can be accessed at any time, as many times as you would like, even after the 2022 Spring Series is over.


    • We would like everyone to be able to attend Bonnie’s 2022 Spring Series, regardless of financial situation. Payment plans and scholarships are available.
    • Paying in installments can be helpful. We have made payment plans available for this event. We have 4 payment plans available.
    • We are also offering a Pay From The Heart Scholarship for people who need financial assistance. The scholarship application is here.
    • For those that are in a position to be able to help support the registration of people on scholarship, there is an opportunity to do so on the Support the Scholarship page.

    Have questions? Answers to many frequently asked questions about Bonnie’s 2022 Spring Series can be found here.

    April 7, 2022
    April 14, 2022
    April 21, 2022
    April 28, 2022
    May 5, 2022
    May 12, 2022
    May 19, 2022
    May 26, 2022

    11:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)