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    The world right now is in a time of change and we are all being presented with economic and public health challenges. It is also a time with a growing demand for action about issues of racial and social injustice.

    As individuals within the context of community, action can best be taken and challenges can best be met when we find places of inner strength and creativity from which to respond. We feel that this work, Body-Mind Centering®, has much to offer people in this respect, through its exploration of fundamental relationships between movement, the body, and consciousness, between self and other, and between cellular and nervous system learning.

    Given this, Bonnie’s Summer Series, Exploring the Embodiment of Cellular Consciousness through Movement, will be available on a Pay From The Heart basis. We would like everyone who is interested in studying with Bonnie in her Summer Series to be able to join her regardless of their financial situation. We especially invite members of the Black community, and others who are underrepresented in the field of somatic education to apply.

    We welcome everyone to these classes and ask these things:

    • If you are able to pay in full, please do so.
    • If you cannot pay in full, please pay from your heart what you can.
    • If you cannot afford to pay anything, please join us.
    • If you are able to pay more than full price, please consider doing so to help support those who cannot afford it.

    We would like the Summer Series to be available to as many people as possible, and we also recognize that we have salaries to pay and expenses to meet. With this offering, we hope that we can share something of value with people around the world and find mutual support in order to continue our work.

    This offer is only for the online Summer Series, Exploring the Embodiment of Cellular Consciousness through Movement. It is an experiment for us and depending on the response, we may need to limit the number of scholarships based on what we are able to handle administratively.

    The Pay From The Heart Scholarship application process will be left open for now. However, applications submitted on or after June 17 may not get processed until after the first class of Series 1 on June 18. People whose Series 1 scholarship applications are processed after the first class takes place will still have access to the recording of the class.

    You can fill out the application for Pay From The Heart Scholarship here.

    If you would like to help support those who cannot afford the full price, you can do so on The Scholarship Support Page.